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Coremaker was built out of understanding frustrations businesses face when they need a system building that works and the continual support they need afterwards.

Building, maintaining and growing a fully functional system that works from the ground up can be a daunting task for new businesses. That’s where Coremaker is here to help.

We want to rid startups of the tribulations that are associated with system building and digital development with our intimate customer first business model. Coremaker is here to help you grow and succeed.

Our structure below highlights your journey with Coremaker and how we can help you along this exciting business venture. If you would like to view our process in more detail click here.


Analysis + design

At this step we analyse the idea, we do an initial product design, build the architecture and choose the appropriate technologies.


Platform setup

We set up accounts with the cloud provider and the 3rd party services, code repositories and create environments.



Depending on the product size and the client’s preference we build a POC or an MVP to help with investment and prove us as a partner.


Seed investment

Funding for product development and company growth.


Dedicated development team

We provide a dedicated development team to be part of the client’s team and technical management for it.


At Coremaker we like to build things from the ground up. We build stable systems that have scalable building blocks allowing for simultaneous expansion alongside your business growth. We do this by choosing the right architecture and data models early on while using the correct technologies. Through our many years’ experience we have been able to create a proven Infrastructure as Code platform, allowing us to create automated deployments of your cloud infrastructure. Also we’ve fine tuned a Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment setup that allows us to easily and securely apply changes to our clients systems. - In Layman’s terms we’re able to build your app using scripted code which saves you time and money in the long run and makes scaling your system that much easier on our end without you having to support the big costs this setup would require.

Security is of the utmost importance with Coremaker. We make secure systems from the start, giving you peace of mind against any data or security breach fears you may We do this by applying the best practices in terms of writing secure systems and through using the latest advancements in cybersecurity technology through our partner company Mirador who are a cybersecurity monitoring platform.


Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance at Coremaker.

We put you and your business first with our expert team here to guide you along the way with our first class service.

Not only do we build your system of choice from the ground up but we provide an intimate consultancy service too that helps you long after your building blocks have been placed.

We’re expert engineers who love building and love helping people achieve their ambitions. See from the list below how we can help your business achieve its full potential.

Coremaker Startup Package

Software Development

Product Design

UI/UX Design


Coremaker’s clients are at the heart of our business, which is why we pride ourselves on our customer’s success.

Here are just some of our success stories:

Started in August 2018
Current Status: Pre Series-A, live with 100k users


Started in April 2019
Current Status: Seed funding, alpha version

We Are Fetching

Started in September 2019
Current Status: Pre-seed funding, live with 60 users

Started in May 2020
Current Status: Pre-seed funding, MVP live


The team here at Coremaker are experts in a wide array of digital technologies.

With each unique member here to help guide you along your journey to breed a unicorn.

We pride ourselves on our five core values:


We thrive on making your business the best it can be, we aim to fulfil its potential to the max and believe in your ambition.


We are person people, we love working together as a team and working closely with our clients. Having a strong collaborative relationship with our customers and with our team is part of Coremaker’s fabric.


We are forward thinking, innovative people who aim to break new ground in any venture we pursue.


We are always learning, growing and becoming better at what we do on a daily basis to make sure we always bring our customers the best service that they deserve.


Our team are open and honest from the start, helping you build the fundamentals your business needs on its digital growth journey.